The Process

An image (photograph) is chosen based on composition and contrast. High contrast images work best. This image is transferred to a vinyl masking material by means of hand drawing, printing, or a combination of both. The masking material is applied to the mirror or other glass item to be etched. This stencil is cut along tone separation lines and the areas that are the whitest are removed. The object is then blasted with an abrasive media and although the vinyl material is unaffected, the glass becomes etched. In most cases there will be two or more tones. For each tone this process is repeated and each time the sandblasting is done lighter than the last time producing a darker tone. The areas of the images that are black have been masked throughout the entire process. Once the mask has been removed the item is done. Sandblasting is permanent, and unlike paint and decal type decoration, can withstand infinite cleanings.


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