David L. Smith

34 Willard Street, Leominster, MA 01453
*Days  (978)534-5919
*Cell (978)790-8350


For the past 22 years, I have owned and operated a small furniture restoration business in Leominster, MA. During this time, I have raised 2 children, and rebuilt my 4 bedroom home including adding a second floor and fabricating the interior trim and kitchen cabinets. Over the past few years, I have rediscovered my interest in creating furniture and sculpture and have exhibited new work in juried exhibitions. I have a passion for collecting and restoring antique tools and my love of music has inspired me to take violin lessons and create music inspired art.



Fitchburg State University: Teaching Certification 5-12 in Technology Education                                          1993

Dean’s List, President’s List

Boston University, Program in Artisanry: BFA in Furniture Design                                                                    1987



Restoration                                                                                                                                                                           1992-Present

Renaissance Restoration, Leominster, MA

Owner; salesman; fabricator; repairman; refinisher; restoration specialist of all types of

wood furniture.



Murdock Middle and High School Winchendon, MA                                                                                               1993-94

Technology Education and Physical Science grades 5-12.

Designed a complete Technology Education curriculum for a new school

Bromfield School Harvard, MA                                                                                                                                     1992-93

Practicum and part time teaching position Technology Education

Designed a class in Invention and Technology



         Woodmeister Corporation, Worcester, MA                                                                                                                1984-92

CCI Specialty Woodworking, Assonet, MA

Paul Levesque & Company, New Bedford, MA

Tavares Upholstering, Fairhaven, MA

Richard Gold Woodworking, Cambridge, MA



“True Reflections” a solo show sponsored by The Bull Run and Sitka Creations                                               2014

“A Celebration of the Italian Spirit” invitational fund raising auction profits to benefit La Dolce Vita

     Foundation, South Orange Performing Arts Center, NJ                                                                                      2014

“Leominster Art Association 49th annual exhibit, Leominster, MA                                                                       2014

“Art Sundays at Sitka Creations” 3 artist show, Shirley, MA                                                                                   2014

“Member’s Juried Exhibition I” Concord Art Association, Concord, MA                                                               2013

“Imagine That” Monson Arts Council, Monson, MA                                                                                                2012

“Member’s Juried Exhibition II” Concord Art Assoc., Concord, MA                                                                       1985-90, 2012

 “79th Regional Exhibition” Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA                                                                       2014

“78th Regional Exhibition” Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA                                                                       2013

 “77th Regional Exhibition” Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA                                                                       2012

“76th Regional Exhibition” Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA                                                                        2011

“Swain Alumni Show” University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA                                                                   2010

“Pull Up A Chair” Luckenbach Mill Gallery, Bethlehem, PA                                                                                    1990

“Lamporama 90” Bank of Boston Gallery, Boston, MA                                                                                           1990

“From Here to There: Vehicles for New Forms/New Functions”

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN                                                                                   1990

“Eraserheads, Fishsticks, and the Wizards of Ozone”

Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA                                                                                                             1989

“1989 Exhibition” Cape Cod Academy Showhouse, Osterville, MA                                                                      1989

“Kid Stuff” Fendrick Gallery, Washington, DC                                                                                                          1989

“A Show of Hands” Invitational Exhibition, Concord Art Assoc., Concord, MA                                                  1986-87

“Design Emphasis 86” International Woodworking Fair, Atlanta, GA                                                                  1986

“The Medium is the Message” Concord Art Association, Concord, MA                                                               1986

“Salute to P.I.A.” Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA                                                                                        1985

“Martin Luther King Jr. Show” Boston University, Boston, MA                                                                              1985



Leominster Art Association, Honorable Mention                                                                                                    2014

Concord Art Association: First Prize for Crafts                                                                                                        1985, 86, 87, 90

The Guild American Craft Awards: Merit Award

Krauss Sikes, Inc., New York, N.Y.                                                                                                                      1987

Concord Art Association: Honorable Mention                                                                                                          1986

Boston University, Boston, MA                                                                                                                                    1985



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