Commissioned Glassware:

Images already developed may be custom etched on your choice of glassware with no artwork charge. I am always happy to hear suggestions for new subject matter. If you would like to commission a famous person on a glass or portrait, I will do my best to create a representative image of that subject. A prototype of stencil will be provided for approval. A “famous” person is  one that I would consider recognizable and will be saved as an image for future use. I recently received requests for Frank Zappa and Steve Vai. No artwork processing fee will be charged for a famous person. If however, you would like an etching of an obscure subject (your uncle Roy), a $40 artwork fee or $100 minimum purchase is required. As always, a high quality image with some shading will produce the best results.


I welcome the opportunity to create a portrait from your favorite photo. As each piece would be unique, pricing reflects this. Framing is also a consideration based on the client’s vision and taste. A basic black wood or aluminum frame for an 8 x 10″ would be the most economical (pricing and stock may vary). One of a kind frames add character to the composition and complete the composition for a truly personal item. Share your ideas and together we will create a portrait and frame that is your own.

Each tone in the image adds depth and realism to the final portrait but also adds complexity to the process. Most images indicate at least two tones to look complete.* A three or four tone portrait requires significantly more effort than a single tone, and would therefore reflect that in the cost. Single tone images start at $125. The initial input is the laborious aspect of the process. After this input is complete, multiple pieces of the same image may be reproduced at significantly reduced cost.

The best (and most successful) photographs to work from are those that show a prominent shadow from the left or right side of the face (for example.) A light source that is slightly above or below the center line is acceptable as well. A light that is directly above or below the image would work but the mood of the piece can become ominous. Please refer to the examples for the most natural and pleasing light source and shadow region. Send us your photo of choice and we will advise on viability and quote a price. A 50% deposit is required before work commences. Upon completion, a photo will be sent to you for approval. Upon acceptance and final payment, your creation will be packaged and shipped promptly. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

*The portrait entitled “The Unknown Soldier” is an example of a single tone. The portrait entitled “Sand Castles” is an example of 4 tones. Black (untouched mirror) is not considered a tone.

Please click on photos below for description.



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