Artist Statement

Mirrors are the epitome of portraiture. The depth and light variations are unequalled by any other canvas. The addition of the viewer’s reflection further creates a dichotomy and personalization that no other medium can.

I have always been fascinated by evocative light and shadow. The images that have caught my attention have been obvious in such sources as graphic novels, modern creations such as the movie “Sin City,” and my recent rediscovery of classic film noir. Awhile ago something compelled me to take a closer look at film noir images and start rendering them in pencil. As I drew and redeveloped my skills (which had become a bit rusty) many of the lessons that I had learned in college figurative drawing class had come back to me. I extend many thanks to Phyllis Berman for these lifelong skills. Lessons in light and shadow and contour drawing had become increasingly important to me.

Whether conscious or not, I had needed this drawing refresher before I attempted to transfer figurative and portrait images to glass. Glass sandblasting had been a technique that I had been using for the past few years though primarily in the form of linear and abstract work. I knew that I was not done with exploration of that medium but did not know what form the new compositions would take. In this epiphany, I feel I have found my niche. The next thing that I will explore will be a sandblasted portrait on clear glass with landscape or cityscape photographs behind. After that the possibilities are endless.

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